Where to Inject Botox for?

Botox is a type of Botox that is applied to the upper lip. It is applied to people who have a thin upper lip and, for this reason, gums appear when laughing. It has 2 different effects; you have both aesthetic and sexy full lips, and you prevent your gums from appearing in a way that bothers you. The target area of Botox application is only the upper lip. If it is done by the right method and quantity, the success rate is 100%.

Inject Lip Flip

Botox is an easy procedure that can be performed in minutes. It is injected into the upper lip with a Botox needle and the procedure is completed in an average of 10 minutes. Depending on the condition of the lip, more than one session may be required. The duration of each session is usually the same. The effect can last an average of 1 month, and it is recommended to repeat the application for the continuation of the effect. As you know, Botox is not a permanent application and its effect is limited. It is recommended to repeat it every month.

Lip flip is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures among Botox treatments. Botox, which does not require surgical treatment, is a Botox application that plumps the upper lip and thus adds aesthetics to the lips. Although it is known that it is generally preferred by women, it has also recently become popular among men.

Anyone who is uncomfortable with the gums looking very much can have perfect lips with this Botox application and get rid of this problem. Actually, it is an economical, short-term and fast-acting wonderful procedure.

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