Botox a Reversible Application?

No. Botox is a procedure that is irreversible and cannot be revised. So if you regret after Lip Flip Botox, there is no chance to get this app back. you will have to wait for the effect to pass for 2 months. There is only one alternative, and that is surgery, and no one prefers it. it is better to wait 2 months than to undergo surgery. Botox application is not an application that you may regret. The results are excellent.

The Success Rate of Botox Lip Flip

If the person who makes the application knows Where to inject botox for lip flip, you can be 100% sure that the results are successful. The success rate of all Botox applications is 100%. Because it is not a surgical practice and it is done in a praric way. But we hear about some bad experiences. There are those who have a swollen face, skin problems, and similar side effects after botox. The only reason for this is the amount and substance of botox used. Botox, which is done correctly, does not cause any harm at all.


Does Botox Lip Flip Have Good results?

When you look in the mirror after Botox , you will notice the change immediately. In this way, you will be able to see the results of this application more clearly. Botox is a cosmetic application with excellent results. Its risk is close to zero and there are hardly any side effects. Botox application performed by licensed, experienced and expert people is very unlikely to fail. If you are not satisfied with the procedure, it will not affect you negatively, as you will return to normal in a short time. First of all, examine a few people who have had this application and observe how the lips look. This will give you an idea.

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