Is Botox Lip Flip Permanent?

No, botox lip flip is not permanent. Botox, which is done, shows its effect only for 1-2 months. After this time, you will need to have a session again. The issue of permanence is the second most curious issue after is botox safe question. There are those who are wondering how long Botox will be effective. Botox is a substance that is injected in small amounts. That is why it is applied with limited units. So if you do all 4 units on the same day, you will have very serious health problems. Botox lip flip is a temporary cosmetic application.

Is Botox Lip Flip

The price of 1 ml of botox ranges from $ 50 to $ 150. The main reason why the prices are variable is the quality of the botox material and the status of the aesthetic center where you have the application. The cost of Botox is different in each country.

It is cheaper in countries such as Turkey, which is the center of cosmetics and aesthetics. But in other European countries it can be much more expensive. If the amount of botox used during the session increases, the price will also increase. Botox applications are priced via ml.

We answered the is botox safe question, which is one of the most asked questions about botox, and gave information about the costs of botox. It’s time to figure out how much botox we need for lip flip. It is difficult to say from here how much botox you need.

Because the amount of botox depends on the condition of your lip. Only the specialist who conducts the application can decide what the amount will be. You can’t decide this on your own. In any case, the doctor will not allow this.

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