How Long Does Botox Last?

The life span of Botox applications is usually 1-2 months. That is why it should be repeated often. This applies not only to Botox, but also to other Botox applications. Let’s take a short look at the answer to the question how does lip flip work and give you detailed information. Botox is made with special Botox needles, and the botox substance injected into the upper lip makes your lips look fuller. Of course, this is temporary, and you should increase the number of units for the continuation.

How long does lip flip botox last

Usually you will start to see the effect in a few days, but it will be fully effective in no more than 1 week. After 1 week, you will literally feel the effect and you will feel better with your plump lips. lip flip can also see its effect in a shorter period of time.

This is related to the quality and quantity of the botox substance used. It is inconvenient to use more botox to have a faster effect. Your doctor will set these limits for you. Please act according to the instructions.

On the upper lip! This is already the purpose of the Botox application. It is made to plump the upper lip. If you are wondering the answer to the question how does botox work, you can watch the application videos on the Internet.

You will see how simple and practical the procedure is. Botox is treated at the place of injection. So wherever you inject it, it acts on that part of your body. Using it within certain limits will further enhance its effect. Botox is a substance that should be used under controlled conditions.

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