Does Botox Lip Flip Hurt?

First, let’s briefly answer the question how does botox lip flip work if you want. Botox Lip Flip is applied by injecting a botox substance into the upper lip in certain sessions. Thanks to this, the upper lip looks fuller. During the procedure, you should feel pain and it does not hurt. Only when botox needles are dipped into your lip, a very small sensitivity occurs. Already before the procedure, a slight anesthesia is applied to the lips, which prevents you from feeling pain.

How long does lip flip botox last?

botox lip flip hurt

Lip flip botox, which has an average life of 2 months, varies according to the unit made. Of course, one of the most important factors here is the physical condition of your upper lip. If less than 4 units of botox are applied, the duration of use may also be less accordingly.

The most ideal is 2 months. So you will have full lips for 2 months after lip flip botox application. If you want to get more detailed information about the application and learn how does botox lip flip work, you can consult your doctor.

Can i eat after botox lip flip?

Of course! You just need to wait a few hours after Botox Lip Flip. When the numbness and numbness in your lips disappear, you can start eating. But our advice is to pay close attention to it for 3 days. In other words, you can continue your daily life, but you should be a little attentive about eating.

We advise you to eat it so that it does not come into contact with the upper lip for at least a couple of days. Stay away from very hot dishes for a while. Give preference to warm dishes. These measures are valid only for a few days.

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