What is a Flip?

Botox , the most popular cosmetic application especially among women in recent years, is a very advantageous application from an aesthetic point of view. The most important stage of this application is the where to inject botox stage. Because if it is not injected into the upper lip, you will not see the effect. The Botox substance injected into the upper lip is provided to plump up the lips and add aesthetics. It is an inexpensive, fast and practical cosmetic solution. That is why it was chosen as the most preferred application in 2022.

What is a Lip Flip with Botox

For lips that are not too weak, in fact, 4 units is enough. But in some exceptional cases, up to 6 units of botox can be applied. The same zone should be targeted at all units. The specialist who performs the application should know where to inject botox. It may be inconvenient to apply it every month throughout the year.

2 Applications per year is an ideal solution. So, assuming that there are 4 units on average, 8 units can be applied in 1 year. These data are only superficial data. Your doctor will explain to you correct solution.

If an effective and high quality Botox substance is used and the specialist who performs the application is experienced, the life of the Botox application can last up to 2 months. It is effective for 1 to 2 months and loses its effect over time.

You can have it done again and see the effect of the first day again. Poor-quality Botox may not have an effect on your lips even for 1 week. Correct implementation of the application enhances its effect.

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