How To Make Botox Flip?

First, after briefly answering the question of botox, let’s tell you how many units you will need for this procedure. Lip flip is a practical cosmetic application that serves to plump up the upper lip. The Botox application is usually completed between 4 and 6 units. In fact, depending on the physical condition of your lip, the number of units varies. Some upper lips are very thin, and more sessions may be needed to plump it up. Some of them are completed in 4 units. Your specialist will decide on the number of application.

Lip Flip Botox

We answered the question botox above. This application is a popular cosmetic application that is now known to everyone. The target area of Botox application is the upper lips of the patient.

The purpose of this application is to make the upper lip more aesthetic and to make it fuller. Botox is injected into the upper lip with the help of special needles, and this is repeated up to 6 sessions, depending on the patient’s condition.

Every aesthetic and cosmetic application should be performed by specialists. The Botox procedure performed by a licensed botox specialist has no side effects at all. But if it is applied by an inexperienced cosmetologist, it can cause very serious skin problems.

Your lips may swell and become unusable. Since the main ingredient of botox is chemical, it should be applied only by a specialist. If Botox wrongs, you should take immediate action and be examined by a specialist. The problem can be solved by discharging the wrong or over-injected botox substance. This application should be done very carefully.

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