How Many Units Of Botox For A Lip Flip?

How many units will be applied in the Botox application will be determined after the first examination to be made for you! Different units of botox may be needed for everyone. Different sessions can be applied according to each individual. You can learn the answer to this question and the answers to questions such as can you kiss after botox lip flip from your doctor. Before the application, you can find answers to all your questions by asking your doctor.

How Many Botox

The main purpose of Botox application is to make the upper lip look fuller aesthetically. That is, botox is injected into the upper lip with a special needle.

This application continues between 4 and 6 sessions and is repeated to achieve a clear result. Let’s give a short answer to the question of can you kiss after botox, because this question is very curious. Yes, it’s okay to start kissing after a few hours. You should make sure that the person performing the application is an experienced specialist and injects the botox into the right area.

This botox application, the use of which has increased in 2022, is the most popular cosmetic application for women who want to have plump lips. Botox is a simple application that gives short-term and effective results. It is performed painlessly and without surgery.

It is very advantageous in this aspect. Let’s remind you that it is much cheaper in price than other aesthetic applications. The main thing to pay attention to here is to make sure that the right specialist is doing the application. Botox application, made by a competent and licensed specialist, always gives successful results.

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