How Long Does Botox Flip Last?

Obviously, the lifetime and durability of the Botox are related to how many botox units for flip. Because if more than 4 units were used in the application, the service life may be longer. It usually lasts between 1-2 months on average, but in some cases this period Dec be a little shorter. The amount of Botox, the method of application and the physical condition of the lip where the application is performed are also factors that are effective in determining this period.

Botox Lip Flip

In short, lip flip botox is a botox application that is made for aesthetic purposes and makes the upper lip look fuller and adds volume to it. Getting enough fullness of the lip depends on how many botox units for lip flip. Although it is for aesthetic purposes, it is actually an application that also corrects the bad image on the gums. The plumping of the lips prevents the gums from being too prominent and thus a more aesthetic image emerges.

Although it is known that it is often preferred by women, let’s note that it is a botox application that has also been a favorite of men in recent years.

In general, the application of 4 to 6 units is sufficient for Botox. But in some extraordinary cases, this number may change. If the thinness on the upper lip is not too much, enough results can be obtained in 4 units. But if you really have a very thin upper lip and it is difficult to get the right result, up to 6 units of botox can be applied. Your doctor decides how many units you need and examines your lip condition and decides when making this decision.

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