Can You Kiss After Botox Lips?

First of all, let’s note that after Botox, you will start kissing on the same day. There will be no loss of feeling when kissing. Since we have clarified this issue, let’s briefly answer the question of what is botox. It is a simple procedure applied to the upper lip for aesthetic purposes and it shows its effect within hours. Just 3-4 hours after the application, you can kiss, drink, eat and return to your social life. And of course with your perfectly sexy lips!

Can i eat after botox lip flip?

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Now that we have fully learned the answer to what is botox question, we can take a look at the eating and drinking rules after the application. You can start eating within a few hours after Botox. But our advice to you is to pay attention when eating, at least in the first 3 days. Because you can bite your lip and damage your lip.

There are no restrictions on eating, but it is worthwhile to pay attention to. We make the same warnings for all the actions that you do when kissing, smoking and with your lips. The first 3 days are very important and you should pay attention to it.

The main purpose of Botox application is to plump up the upper lips. In other words, it is injected into the upper lip and the botox substance is allowed to act on the upper lip. For this, special needles are used. All botox applications are performed with a needle. The main means of application of botox is the needle. It is injected into the upper lip several times with a private needle.

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