What is Botox Flips?

If you have aesthetic concerns about your lips and want to have more perfect lips, Botox application is a procedure for you. Lip Flip Botox, which can be applied in minutes, is a simple application that makes the upper lip look fuller and more attractive. It is performed only for aesthetic purposes and also eliminates this problem in people with very prominent gums. For some patients, more sessions may be required. The amount of botox and its sessions may vary depending on the physical condition of the patient.

What is a flip?

What is Lip Flip Botox

Botox is a Botox application applied to the upper lip. As you know, there are a lot of Botox application areas. It can be applied to the eyebrows, face, chin, under the eyes and even too many parts of the body. Lip Flip Botox targets only the upper lip part. Depending on the condition of the upper lip, 1.5 to 2.5 ml of dermal filler is applied, and the duration of its persistence varies accordingly. Lip Flip Botox application can be applied together with different types of botox. It is recommended to apply it necessarily by an experienced esthetician.

Where to inject flip?

Botox applications all have a specific regional goal. Botox, on the other hand, is only done to make the upper lip plumper, and botox is only injected into the upper lip. How many ml to inject is determined by the attending physician or esthetician after the initial examination.

Injecting too much botox can cause some side effects. After application, the lips that look fuller close over the gums and provide a more aesthetic appearance. If the application is done correctly and in the appropriate amount, you can see the effect instantly.

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