What You Didn’t Know About Botox?

We have compiled for you all the curious questions for Botox, one of the most effective, practical and most preferred applications of the cosmetic world. In fact, we can also call it the Botox Lip Flip guide. You will get clear answers to all the curious questions starting with the What is botox question here. Let’s talk about the advantages of first and then give detailed information for those who want to have this application. The advantages that we have listed below are also an indication of why this application is so popular:

  • It is a very short, painless and practical cosmetic application.
  • It is very economical and affordable compared to other cosmetic applications.
  • The number of units are few and completed in a short time.
  • It shows its effect in a short time, such as 10 days, and its effect persists for 2 months.
  • It is a regional cosmetic application that does not require surgery.
  • The application certainly does not negatively affect your social life. after 1 hour, you can return to your daily life.
  • It has no restrictions and side effects.

Botox is one of the most preferred non-surgical aesthetic applications to have fuller lips, to make the contour lines of the lips clear and to make the lips look symmetrical. Thanks to lip filler applications made using non-permanent fillers with hyaluronic acid content, it is possible to have natural-looking full lips in a short time. Botox is a type of botox applied to the upper lip area. Botox applications can be done by injecting various places even in the lip area.

what is a botox lip flip
what is a botox lip flip


The lip area where Botox application should be performed is only the upper lip area. Already the main target point of applying this cosmetic is the upper lips. But what about the negative effects if it is injected into a different lip area? Here are the possible negative effects:

  • Botox, injected into the wrong area, does not give an adequate effect. There may even be some side effects.
  • It will not give your lips the fullness and volume you want
  • You will lose both time and money
  • The effect of botox injected in the wrong place lasts at least 1 week, and you cannot apply new botox during this time.

Cosmetic experts are of the opinion that 4 to 6 units are sufficient for botox . In other words, up to 6 units of flip can be applied to have ideal and full lips. If less than 4 units are made, you may not see the full effect. If more than 6 units are used, there may be side effects. This can be done provided that the limits are not exceeded. This is the recommended number of units.

How many units of botox for lip flip
How many units of botox for lip flip

Botox lip flip considerations

We think we have answered the questions you have been wondering about so far. Please consider our recommendations below before you deciding to have:

  • Before you decide to have Botox lip flip application, research cosmetologists who have references.
  • Make sure you have enough budget and time for this application.
  • Be sure to adapt to the aesthetic change that will occur. Because sometimes, physical changes affect psychology.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to Botox and have some tests done beforehand if necessary.
  • Motivate yourself by thinking that you will have perfect lips after application.
  • First of all, choose a licensed and legal cosmetic center. Because botox can cause serious problems if not used correctly.

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