Where Do They Inject Botox?

The main area of Botox application is the upper lips. In other words,, it is injected into the upper part of the lip, where it is desired to achieve fullness. Of course, this is not an ordinary application. It is an application that professionals who require attention and technique can do. For those who are wondering the answer to the question does botox lip flip hurt, let’s answer it right away; no, you definitely won’t feel pain. Since the application is already performed under anesthesia, there is no pain or pain in the upper lip.

How long does lip flip botox last?

Where inject botox for lip flip

A properly applied application is effective for an average of 2 months. The average lifetime of each botox application is as follows. That is why it is a practice that must be repeated often. If it is done for 1 time, you will not see the effect very much. For example, botox lip flip may require 4 units.

Different sessions can be done in other Botox techniques. If the botox you have had starts to lose its effect, you should know that you need another new unit. This will be decided by the specialist who makes the application.

One of the most curious questions about this application is the does botox question. No pain is felt during and after Botox application. The ideal session limit of this application is 4 units. If there is no need, and the specialist decides on this, then fewer units can be applied.

But no matter what happens, you should not forget that the ideal limit is 4. If some aesthetic centers want to implement more units to save more money, do not accept it. It should be applied up to the ideal number of sessions. Excessive injection of botox can cause harm.

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