Why Botox Work?

The word botox means “Botulinum toxin “. It is actually a kind of neurotoxic protein and is produced by various species such as Clostridium botulinum. It is applied to various parts of the body and usually acts as a filler in the injected area. If you understand how Botox works, let’s also briefly answer the question of. Lip Flip Botox is to make the upper lip fuller with botox support. In short, it can also be called non-surgical upper lip aesthetics.

Why botox lip flip works

Botox is a protein that has very strong effects. It has become the most popular ingredient of aesthetic surgeries today. It is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and is so strong that, when injected too much, it can even lead to partial paralysis. The use of botox in the cosmetic world is one of the best solutions, although it sometimes causes controversy. Our advice to you is to stay away from absolutely unprofessional aesthetic centers.

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Because improper application can cause great harm to your skin. Of course, Botox is used not only in the aesthetic and cosmetic sector. It is an important substance used in many industries. Its application in many areas of the human body and successful results have made it a favorite of the cosmetic industry.

Can You Kiss After Lip Flip?

After question that we explained above, let’s move on to another very curious question again. There are patients who are wondering if they can kiss after Botox application. They have good news! A few hours after application, when the numbness on the lips has passed, they can start kissing.

But still a few days of patience will allow you to achieve more effective results. Because doctors recommend that you be patient for at least a few days after lip flip. If you still can’t stand it, you can kiss gently. Try not to bite the lips.

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