Can You Kiss After Botox Lip Flip

Can You Kiss After Botox Lips?

First of all, let’s note that after Botox, you will start kissing on the same day. There will be no loss of feeling when kissing. Since we have clarified this … Read More

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What is Botox Flips?

If you have aesthetic concerns about your lips and want to have more perfect lips, Botox application is a procedure for you. Lip Flip Botox, which can be applied in … Read More


Botox Access Gone Wrong

Botox application should be performed correctly and in accordance with the procedure. The specialist who performs the application should know where to inject Botox. Botox Lip Flip Gone Wrong, if … Read More


Where to Inject Botox for?

Botox is a type of Botox that is applied to the upper lip. It is applied to people who have a thin upper lip and, for this reason, gums appear … Read More

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What is a Lip With Botox

The most aesthetically sensitive point of women is definitely their lips. We will give you general information about l botox, one of the most popular botox applications in recent years, … Read More